1. Sandals MUST be worn in the studio at all times when not on the mat. No exceptions.

  2. Shoes must NOT be placed next to the mats. Please store shoes on the shoe rack or in the locker rooms.

  3. Jewelry, watches and fitbit devices may not be warn on the mat during practice.

  4. If possible, we ask that parents have their child dressed and ready prior to class.

  5. T-Shirts or rash-guards must be worn underneath the Gi at all times.

  6. Due to discomfort and overheating, collared shirts and sweaters must NOT be worn under Gi tops as an undershirt.

  7. Due to discomfort and overheating, jeans and sweat pants must NOT be worn under Gi pants.

  8. Students must wash their Gi after every practice. 

  9. Fingernails and toenails must be cleaned and trimmed prior to each class.

  10. Prescription glasses may be worn on the mat while watching techniques; however, they must be removed prior to drill or sparring.

  11. Athletic tops and shorts must be worn for No-Gi class. Street clothing is NOT acceptable.

  1. Any physical or verbal threats between parents or students will lead to permanent removal from the studio. No exceptions. 

  2. For the safety and concentration of our youth students, we ask that parents refrain from talking to their child while class is in progress.

  3. Due to the height and possible fall risk, we ask that no children sit on the parent bleachers.​

  4. No running, screaming or loud noises in the lobby.

  5. To prevent tripping hazards, we ask that parents and guests please refrain from sitting on the hallway floors to watch classes.

  6. To prevent tripping hazards, all gym bags and shoes must be kept off of the studio floor.

  7. Absolutely no slamming your partner on the mats.

  8. Due to the possibility for neck injuries, absolutely no neck cranking. 

  9. Due to the possibility for back injuries, absolutley no applying spinal pressure.

  10. If your partner taps, you must release from your submission immediately. 

  11. For safety and concentration purposes, unless you are the Professor, no coaching amongst students while sparring.

  1. Bow before stepping on and off the mats.

  2. All students must line up with attendance card in hand.

  3. All students must line up in descending order of belt rank.

  4. All classes begin with a formal bow to the pictures of Grand Master Carlos Sr., Professor Christian Uflacker and Professor Bruce Guevara.

  5. Refer to black belt instructor as “Professor” and non-black belt instructor as “Coach.”

  6. Please count as a team during warm ups and at the end, during sit-ups. You may talk quietly during stretching.

  7. All students must sit or stand in a good posture, in a circle, when instructor is demonstrating technique.

  8. No talking when instructor is demonstrating technique.

  9. Bow to your partner before and after practice.

  10. Talking should be kept to a minimum level and pertain to class subject.

  11. This is a family atmosphere, no foul language in academy.

  12. If you are late to class and technique has started, please stand by sideline and ask instructor’s permission.

  13. If you need to leave early, please approach instructor.

  14. If you are taking advanced class, you must stay until end of class to bow out, even if you are not participating in sparring.

  15. The belt represents your progress; keep it on during class.

  16. When tying your belt in line, please face away from instructor.

  1. Any question or concerns must be addressed the Professor or assistant coaches.

  2. If you bring non-attending siblings or friends with your child during a class, please make sure they remain in the lobby.

  3. Any toys or electronic devices brought with a small child must be cleaned up prior to leaving.

  4. While in the studio, absolutely NO negative comments about other students, the studio or the Professor to other visitors or parents.

  1. Promotions are received through discipline, hard work and attendance. Please do not approach the Professor about a promotion.​

  2. Parents will be approached about their child's eligibility to receive a promotion. Please do not approach the Professor about a promotion.

  3. Students must approach the Professor prior to any competition registration.

  4. Strict competition schedules must be followed by all students who are competing.